Improving Access to Care

Helping provide access to preventative and ongoing care for diverse, underserved communities in the U.S. to help ensure inclusive access to health programs.


We provide funding to qualified 501(c)(3) or otherwise IRS tax-exempt charitable organizations. We support programs and activities in communities near Astellas offices as well as national initiatives. We are not currently accepting proposals at this time. When we open future request for proposals we will update this page with details on how to apply.


Health Care Without Walls

Astellas supported Health Care Without Walls’ Bridges to Elders program, designed to serve 120 extremely vulnerable, homeless elderly women in the Greater Boston area with free healthcare, intensive case management and a structured health literacy component for wellness and chronic disease management including nutrition, managing diabetes, and living with cardiovascular disease. Health Care Without Walls’ mission is to improve the lives of homeless women through compassionate, high quality healthcare, education and advocacy. The organization provides free, walk-in episodic and urgent care in shelter clinics, and in 2017, provided nearly 10,600 visits of bridging medical care and support services to 1,769 homeless women and children in Greater Boston. In addition to the Bridges to Elders program, their Bridges to Moms program provide medical care and supportive services to women who are pregnant and homeless.

To learn more about Health Care Without Walls and see how their work changes lives for the better, click here.