Eligible Activities (live and/ or virtual):

Eligible Requestors:

Areas of Support

Areas of Interest United States Canada Established Markets International Markets + Greater China*
Oncology Areas of Support
Acute Myeloid Leukemia Y Y Y Y0
Gastric Cancer Y Y Y Y
Oncology- across tumor types (Cross Tumor) N/A Y Y N/A
Prostate Cancer Y Y Y Y
Urothelial/Bladder Cancer Y1 Y1 Y Y1
Additional Areas of Support (Anti-Infectives, Immunology, Metabolic Diseases, Nephrology, Urology, Women�s Health)
Anemia (associated with Chronic Kidney Disease) N/A N/A Y Y2
Diabetes N/A N/A N/A Y3
Gout N/A N/A N/A Y4
Lupus Nephritis N/A N/A N/A Y5
Myasthenia Gravis N/A N/A N/A Y5
Overactive Bladder Y Y Y Y6
Rheumatoid Arthritis N/A N/A N/A Y7
Solid Organ Transplantation N/A Y Y Y8
Vasomotor Symptoms (Menopause) Y Y Y Y9

*China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

0: Only AML is supported in Argentina & Chile.

1: For US, Canada, and countries in Latin America, please apply for a grant on the Seagen portal

2: Middle East and Russia only

3: Russia only

4: Hong Kong only

5: Indonesia, China and Hong Kong only

6: Latin America (except Mexico), Middle East, Russia, APAC, Taiwan and Hong Kong only

7: Taiwan only

8: Colombia, Middle East, Russia, APAC, & Greater China only

9: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Singapore, Australia & Greater China only

Established Markets requests

Established Markets(click link for full list of Established Market countries) is not currently accepting grants requests for activities that start before 1st April 2023, with some exceptions which are noted below:

  1. Canadian Transplant grants
  2. Grants for Educational activities relating to:
  • ASCO GI (19-21 Jan 2023)
  • ASCO GU (16-18 Feb 2023)
  • EAU (10-13 Mar 2023)

Submissions will be accepted as per standard requirements i.e. up to 60 days before the activity start date.

Japan requests

Note that Japan only reviews requests for Grants for Education between April and June. Grant requests received outside of this period will not be considered. Additionally, only professional/medical associations or societies may request a Grant for Education in Japan.

US requests

For accredited activities in the US, Astellas requires that the accredited provider submit the request. When the requestor is a hospital, medical center, or medical school, the CME Office must submit the request.

Astellas US has identified healthcare educational gaps within our therapeutic areas of interest that impact healthcare professional knowledge, competence, and application and positively contribute to improving healthcare for patients.

Call for Grants

Unsolicited requests for Grants for Education by independent grant requestors may be spontaneous submissions or in response to an Astellas call for grant applications. Click here to view current available Call for Grants.