Grants for Education
Astellas accepts requests for Grants for Education to fund independent medical education (IME) activities that are high-quality, unbiased, and evidence-based. Educational activities may be accredited and non-accredited. They must be independently developed by the grant recipient organization and/or the grant recipient organization’s educational partners and aim to improve knowledge, skill, and competence and advance patient outcomes.

Where permitted locally, a portion of a Grant for Education to a Healthcare Organization may be used to cover costs associated with HCPs attending the educational program organized by that same HCO, as long as the Grant for Education is primarily used to fund the educational program itself.

Please note that Astellas also accepts requests from Healthcare Organizations for funding to support only healthcare professional (HCP) congress attendance to further their education. Further information and details on how to apply can be found here.

Grants for General Research
Astellas accepts requests for Grants for General Research to fund an independent research program or project, which does not include specific analysis and/or a protocol to address a research question. The grant recipient assumes full responsibility for the research.

Individual HCP Funding for Congress Attendance

Astellas has decided to re-open our program to directly fund individual healthcare professionals (HCPs) to attend congresses and conferences. Astellas will consider requests to support HCPs from countries where individual HCP funding to support congress attendance is permitted by Code, Regulations and Law and where Astellas eligibility criteria are met.

Application for funds and/or provision of funds is subject to terms and conditions.Individual HCP funding is not permitted in United States or Japan.

Healthcare Professionals may apply for funding for attendance at pre-identified, eligible congresses, by completing the application form at the following link(s):

Congress Name Congress Dates Eligible Region / Country
ESMO 2024 13-17 Sept 2024 Europe, Latin America, Asia-Oceania, Middle East
Euretina 2024 19 – 22 Sept 2024 Europe, Latin America, Asia-Oceania, Middle East
TTS 2024 22 – 25 Sept 2024 Latin America, Asia-Oceania, Middle East
IMS 2024 19 – 22 Oct 2024 Latin America, Asia-Oceania, Middle East

Charitable Initiatives

We are not currently accepting proposals at this time. When we open future request for proposals we will update this page with details on how to apply.

Open Payments Reporting
Astellas complies with all applicable codes, regulations, and requirements for disclosure of transfer of value globally.

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