Grant Process

Refunds Due to Astellas

Organizations receiving grants must agree to return any unused funds to Astellas, as appropriate (i.e., in an amount that represents the portion of the unused Grant funding provided by Astellas).

Refund Process for Unused US and Canada Grant for Education Funding

Upon reconciliation of Grants for Education by the grant recipient, all unused funding over $250 (USD and CAD) must be returned to Astellas. For the US, please return funding electronically whenever possible using the following for US APGD W9 and APGD Wiring Instruction. For Canada, please return funding electronically using the following Astellas Pharma Canada Wiring Instructions. All returned funds should reference the Grant ID number and type of grant (i.e., grant for education or grant for general research) in the memo field.

Call for Grant Applications

Currently there are no open CGAs-Unsolicited requests for Grants for Education by independent grant requestors are accepted on a rolling basis.